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Poly-Instruments Pty. Ltd. registered as an Australian private company in June 1993 specialising in offering high-end Rheometers and Thermal Analysers (former Rheometrics Inc./Rheometric Scientific Inc. now part of TA Instruments) to Manufacturing, Universities, Defence, and Research Institutes.  Along with Rubber Industry specified Rheometers and Viscometers, and high fidelity Dynamic Mechanical Testers, we have a substantial customer base in Australia and New Zealand.

In recent years we have expanded into other niche materials characterisation areas particularly in MechanoBiology, Surface Science, and Nano-Characterisation.

our principals

Alpha Technologies:

rubber testing instrumentation (rheometers, viscometers, etc.)


First Ten Angstroms Inc.:

surface tension and surface energy drop shape analysers


Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation Thermal Analysis Division:

Thermal Analysers (DSC, TG/DTA, TMA, DMA)


Lambient Technologies Inc.:

Dielectric Cure Analysers


Patel Scientific Inc.:

reconditioned Rheometers and service support of former Rheometric Scientific Inc.





TA Instruments Inc. Electroforce:

dynamic mechanical testers


Thermal Hazard Technology (THT):

specialised calorimeters


Xplore Instruments BV:

micro compounding and shaping instruments (small scale mixing instruments (extruders and compounders), injection moulding, fiber spinning and conditioning, and cast film lines


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